Insurance Claim ManagementIf you decide to use PCPS LTD, here is what we commit to do:

  • Visit your home within 24 hours of your call
  • Provide you and your insurer’s representative with a free report within 48 hours including expert damage assessment, repair specifications, and cost estimates
  • We will progress chase your insurer’s representative on your behalf to gain approval for repair work to start.
  • We will meet with any representative from your insurer to discuss and agree the scope and direction of the building repairs.
  • In case of dispute we will provide any additional reports as necessary, and argue your case.
  • On approval from your insurer’s representative our approved build team will undertake all repairs quickly and efficiently, making sure we fit in with your time plans.
  • On completion of works we will jointly inspect and agree a satisfaction note sign off.
  • All of this is free to you.

Most building insurance claims are unnecessarily stressful for the policyholder. It’s bad enough you have suffered damage to your home. But the time and complication in dealing with your insurer and contractors can be the final straw. In most cases you will be expected to pull together the necessary damage assessment reports, repair specifications, cost estimates, and repair plans. The list seems endless and you are often dealing with issues outside your comfort zone. And then you have to convince your insurance company to give approval to start work, which often means negotiating with a loss adjustor appointed by your insurer. You then have to arrange contractors to come in and do the work, often in critical sequence, sign off a satisfaction note, chase payment from your insurance company, and pay your contractors. The whole process will take several weeks, maybe several months. Meanwhile you are living in a building site, having to take time off work, and make chasing phone calls every day.

Some insurance companies recommend contractors, some of which have close working ties, even solus agreements, with the insurance company. In this circumstance it is important to remember the insured or policy holder has the right to choose who undertakes the repairs, subject to reasonable costs. In this situation you have to decide who is best placed to help you, either the insurance recommended team, or an independent specialist. You have to decide who is best placed to give an objective assessment and ensure all aspects of your claim are properly identified and managed.

At all times you retain complete control of the process. We work for you and we will not act without your agreement. Any changes to the scope of works proposed by your insurer will be discussed and agreed with you. All financials will be open and transparent.