Mould Caused by Damp on Wall - requiring damp investigationComprehensive Damp Investigations by PCPS LTD

At PCPS LTD, we understand the significance of identifying and addressing damp issues with precision. Our damp investigations are tailored to provide a thorough understanding of the scale of your damp problem, enabling us to deliver effective solutions. Our holistic approach delves into the root causes of damp, ensuring long-lasting remedies. With over 20 years of experience in house building and maintenance, along with a team of skilled professionals, we bring a unique blend of expertise to every damp investigation.

Our Damp Investigation Process

  • Moisture Mapping: Our skilled surveyors employ advanced techniques to map the moisture levels in your home. This allows us to pinpoint areas affected by damp and understand its extent
  • Identifying Causes and Remedies: With a focus on first principles, we investigate the source of dampness, how it is impacting your home, and the necessary actions to prevent its recurrence. Our goal is to tackle the root causes of damp, not just the symptoms.
  • Comprehensive Report: Our damp investigations start at £350 plus VAT and include an email report that outlines the survey data, conclusions, and recommendations. The report provides clear insights into the identified damp issues and the recommended steps to address them.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach

What sets us apart is our ability to draw from various disciplines to offer a holistic approach to damp investigations. Our team brings together expertise in the following areas:

20 Years’ Experience in House Building and Maintenance: With a wealth of experience in house construction and maintenance, we have an in-depth understanding of building structures and potential points of vulnerability to dampness.

  • Experienced Surveyors: Our qualified and experienced surveyors are skilled at identifying damp-related issues accurately, ensuring a thorough investigation.
  • Specialist Non-Invasive Leak Detection: We employ cutting-edge technology for non-invasive leak detection, enabling us to locate hidden sources of moisture without unnecessary disruption.
  • IICRC Accredited Drying Operations: Our team of IICRC accredited professionals ensures that drying operations are carried out to the highest standards, effectively eliminating dampness.
  • Mould Remediation to PAS 64 Standards: Addressing mould growth is essential for a comprehensive damp solution. Our experts adhere to PAS 64 standards for safe and effective mould remediation.

Our Damp Investigation Covers Various Damp Types:

  • Rising Damp: Investigating and addressing moisture rising from the ground into your walls.
  • Penetrating Damp: Identifying and resolving dampness caused by external factors like leaks and faulty drainage.
  • Internal Plumbing and Drain Leaks: Detecting and resolving damp issues arising from internal plumbing or drain leaks.
  • Hygroscopic Damp and Contaminants in Chimneys: Addressing damp caused by moisture-absorbing materials and contaminants in chimneys.
  • Condensation: Investigating and providing solutions to condensation-related dampness.

Contact PCPS LTD for Professional Damp Investigations

If you suspect damp issues in your property, don’t delay in seeking professional assistance. Our damp investigations offer a comprehensive understanding of the problem, leading to effective and lasting solutions. Contact us today at 01483 222232 or online to schedule your damp investigation or to learn more about our services. Trust PCPS LTD to restore a healthy and dry environment in your home.

Damp Investigation Terms and Conditions

Version 1 Revision 0
Date: 25th January 2018

1. All Damp Investigations are undertaken on a non-invasive basis. They will be confined to visual examination, use of moisture meters, and use of other electronic monitoring equipment where necessary. Unless otherwise agreed and instructed, we will not remove any fixture or fitting. This includes floor finishes, floorboards, furniture, pictures, counter tops, dishwashers, washing machines, plinths, and the like.
2. Our inspection will exclude outbuildings such as sheds, garages, stores and conservatories unless specifically requested for inclusion under your instructions.
3. Background and historical information may be obtained from the person instructing the Damp Investigation. This information will be taken and used at face value. No attempt will be made to verify or check the information provided.
4. The Damp Investigation will concentrate on the brief given by the person instructing. We may comment on other aspects of the building which may have a direct influence on damp and/or decay, and are within the capabilities of our surveyor. These will only be mentioned in brief without disruptive investigation.
5. Our Report will include moisture readings. These will be obtained using Protimeter electronic moisture meters which use electrical resistance to measure moisture levels. Machines of this kind are the best available, but readings can be corrupted by some building materials and by some contaminants in building materials. The readings cannot therefore be guaranteed to be accurate.
6. Regarding point of reference, all left, right, front and rear references are taken from standing outside the property facing the main front elevation.
7. Damp and water will move and migrate through buildings following paths of least resistance that are difficult to predict. Whilst we will use our skills and experience to diagnose both causes and remedies to damp and water ingress, no guarantee can be given. In many cases many different theories may need to be put forward, investigated, and either proven or disproven. When one theory is proven this does not necessarily mean there are no other unidentified causes. In some situations, it will be necessary to dry a damp area and then leave it to be monitored to see if damp returns.
8. In some situations, it will be necessary to recommend invasive investigation. This is normally aimed at exposing hidden constructions and hidden materials, to allow their examination and evaluation. Invasive investigation will only be done on instruction. The results of invasive investigation, by their nature, will be unknown, and no positive result can be guaranteed.
9. The conclusions, recommendations, opinions, outline costings, and the like set out in our reports will be based on our skills and experience, and best endeavours. Diagnosis of damp, water ingress, and associated remedial work is notoriously difficult. It is therefore not possible to offer or imply any guarantee whatsoever. No reliance should be placed on our service, including verbal discussion with our surveyor, our surveyor’s written report, associated references and referrals, and the like. Before any significant remedial cost is incurred, the person instructing our service should satisfy themselves that the cost is justified. This may involve obtaining a 2nd opinion and/or consulting with other damp experts.